Young people in the SelfDesign global learning community are able to access a network of families, educators, and mentors who are willing to share their time, energy and expertise to help learners maximize their potential.  All of the members believe in the right of learners to self-direct their own learning journeys.

We understand how valuable it is for young people to be a part of a community that shares values and beliefs about the achievement of goals in learning and life. SelfDesign’s learning community is a network of relationships based upon authentic connection and sharing. Learning from the experiences of others enables all of us to expand our knowledge and skills.  There is great wisdom in the community. Each member can reach out to ask for help and we can allow ourselves and our children to learn from the collective wisdom of the community.

Marilee Sprenger once said that “humans are social creatures and learning is a social activity.”  Life itself is also a social activity.  In addition to being knowledgeable, self-motivated, able to generate good ideas, and implement them, becoming successful in meeting your goals often requires team work, positive relationship skills, and the ability to work through setbacks.

Who is in your network of relationships? Who are the people who will help your children maximize their potential?

If you are interested in joining our learning community here at SelfDesign Global, please contact us!