Although learning can occur in many environments, it is so much richer and more meaningful when it blossoms in the context of a relationship with those we love and who love us.  Dr. Dan Siegel said in a seminar on The Developing Mind that “relationships are not just convenient niceties. They’re the substrate of the reality in which we grow.  This energy information sharing, which is what a relationship can be defined as, is really important.”

Siegel also said that it “is all about how you’re sharing the focus of attention with that other person. Which means how you communicate both with the words you say and your non-verbal communication, which includes your eye contact, your facial expressions, your tone of voice, your posture, your gestures, the timing of what you say, and the intensity of what you say.”  We often call this being attuned to another.

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Learning in relationship is such a powerful way of learning. As you go through your day, notice how your relationship with your child or children enhances their learning.