“The construction of time, place, point of view, and sense of self in relation to others is the full time job of every child. It is a job playfully discovered through trial and error explorations of the world and how it works.” – Brent Cameron, founder of SelfDesign

Teen Years and Travel

The teen years are an extraordinarily wonderful time to travel. This is an important part of learning for many SelfDesigning teens. Whether it is to a camp 2 hours away or to another continent, our youth learn about different cultures, environments, nature, themselves and each other when they travel.

Some travel with their families, others with youth groups, and still others strike off on their own. One of our SelfDesigning families made a 3,000 mile trip for a family reunion and their teen met new family members, heard family stories and created new relationships with cousins she hadn’t met before. Others joined Tracey Huguley for a learning adventure in Bimini or Michael Maser for the Surpass camp in BC. One Global learner from New Zealand spent a week with her learning consultant Jen Mercer in California.

Sometimes youth have an opportunity to travel to developing countries and learn how they can make a contribution and help others. Youth from SelfDesign High went to Project Somos Children’s Village in Guatemala on a service trip. Some of our youth are musicians and dancers who travel to far-off places as part of their artistic efforts. Others go to horse camps or sports camps or annual retreats. The options are limited only by their imagination.

Some teens thrive on new experiences, while for others it takes great courage to overcome their apprehensions about changing from their normal routines. As parents, we can support all of them as they discover that living is learning — and that travel can be among the richest learning experiences of all.

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