The rhythm of learning changes from season to season. In the warmer months, it can be much more relaxed and creative — perhaps it is the longer hours of daylight or the warmer weather. For many children, the days seem to be less structured and there is more breathing room and occasionally even some boredom. Interestingly, the boredom of summer can often result in rediscovering interests and some of the simple joys of childhood.

When the weather becomes colder, the pace quickens. Activities abound, whether organized academic ones, athletic events, or the more vigorous chores of preparing for even colder days ahead. With fewer hours of daylight, there is almost a natural demarcation of the days into different activity zones. Children rush to go here and there or hurry to do this and that, and then chill out in the quieter times and absorb all that has happened that day.

And then there are the times when major weather events throw all of the plans and natural rhythms out the window. Major storms can disrupt millions of families’ normal schedules and cast aside a lot of the more typical learning opportunities. Once the storm’s chaos has passed and everybody’s safety has been assured, though, new learning can be possible then, too.

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Creative and New

How can we encourage our young ones to view their thoughts as creative and new, when most of us haven’t had the opportunity to be encouraged and mentored by others to view our own ideas with curiosity and wonder?

We are all influenced by hundreds of the ideas of others and, if those influences are great enough, it is good to give credit where credit is due. On the other hand, we often need to give credit to ourselves, too, and enjoy the moment when we combine those thoughts into a new idea for our families.

As we celebrate the uniqueness of every moment, we can be present in the process of learning and discovery, as well as help ourselves spend less time borrowing tomorrow’s troubles or ruminating over past experiences. We can enjoy the present moment.

This process of enjoying the newness of our own thoughts can be quite inspiring for our children to observe. Today, create something, share something and experience something new, as if it has never been created, shared or experienced before