lifemandala0. Being Present – Spiritual  Awareness

1. SelfDesign  – Wonder –  Enthusiasm –  Planning –  Observing

2. Wellness & Health – Physical Activity – Sports – Exercise – (Nutrition, gardening, athletics, exercise, sports, body health and wellness)

3. Languaging and Communication – conversations and discussions (mealtimes), reading, writing and journaling, media presentations, movies and film analysis

4. Relational Skills – Biology of love, conversations  and discussions, relational thinking,  agreements and negotiations,  consensuality

5. Humanities – Social Studies, sociology, anthropology, psychology

6. Self-Actualization – Self Awareness – Interconnectedness – a reflection and orientation place 

7. Numeracy – Logic – Math (working with mathematics, textbook and coursework, practical experience, applied mathematics, logical thinking and problem solving) 

8. Living Skills – Tools for Living – Information Technology – Financial Management – Career (practical skills, financial management, career awareness, modeling mentors in the workplace, technology and information management, life skills) 

9. Science – Ecology (any scientific reading, study or activity involving how the universe works) – Synergistic thinking – Wonder

10. Creativity – Artistic and Creative Activity – music (instrument or voice) , art, dance, performance, creative expression in any media, poetry, pottery, fashion, design in any media 

11. Spirituality – Spiritual Praxis – Ethics and Values (ethical thinking and discussion, connection with nature, conversations and study focused on the human condition and our purpose)

12. Global  Ecology – Earth awareness, meeting the needs of the world,  letting go of self and serving – a reflection and orientation place