Brent Cameron, founder of SelfDesign, died four years ago on May 20th, at the age of 64. We wanted to take a moment and honor his memory. Brent championed the rights of all learners, of every age and stage, to follow their passions and design their own learning paths.  And even though he was a certified teacher, he understood the power of learning without teaching.

Brent was a genius. He created new maps and models of learning by getting on the floor with children and watching them learn. Brent was a visionary. He always focused on the positive and what was possible. He revealed to many of us possibilities that only Brent could conceive. Brent was a do-er. Instead of writing books or giving speeches about how broken the school system is, Brent went to work creating an alternate model for learning. Brent was a role model. He understood that children do what is modeled to them. Brent was a counselor. With every interaction, Brent never missed an opportunity to reveal something to you about yourself.

Brent was a loving father and husband. He was a mentor, friend, and guide to thousands of adults, youth, and children. We miss Brent. All of us on the SelfDesign team continue to work passionately to extend Brent’s life work and share his vision for learning, living, and loving with the world.