SelfDesign Global is part of a family of learning programs including the SelfDesign Learning Community in BC.  A grandmother visited one of our learning centers to see how her grandchild was doing. She shared this concern during the visit:

“I’m an educator, a retired schoolteacher with years and years of teaching experience, and I can’t really understand how this whole self-directed learning piece works for children. I do visit my grandchild as often as I can, and I know how hard school was for him and how frustrated he and his mother were during that time.  In my last few visits I can see that things have changed, and I’m certainly glad to see his excitement each day and to hear him talk about going to Wondertree. But I do worry — he seems so happy now – but how can he be learning?”

How sad the grandmother couldn’t trust her own observations that her grandson was indeed happy and learning?  How did she come to associate learning with boredom, drudgery, and “not fun activities.”

What if we all found a few quiet moments to reflect on our own feelings about education, assessing any words we associate with it?   Would we find words of excitement and joy? Or would we recall words of coercion, boredom and resignation?

When I reflected on my feelings about learning they included “curiosity” and “wonder.” And when I reflected on education, I thought of “school” and “homework.”

Which would you prefer for your child or yourself? At SelfDesign Global, our goal is to develop joyful, enthusiastic life-learners who embrace the unknown with confidence and clarity of purpose.

Monica Cochran
Enrollment Counselor & Educational Consultant