SelfDesign is a pioneer in redefining learning and envisioning a new way of educating our children and ourselves. Underlying our work at SelfDesign are some core concepts and values that I would like to share here.

What are the core concepts of SelfDesign?

  • We believe all beings are born into goodness and happiness.
  • Our cornerstone is respect for self and for the other, regardless of age or stage.
  • The specific languaging techniques we offer create the most conducive environment for learning and personal growth.  
  • We believe that life is an enthusiastic exploration for depth, excellence, and interconnectedness. Life itself provides the curriculum for learning.
  • We support an ongoing process toward a balanced, ecological, sustainable environment for self, for others, and for the natural world.

We invite you to join us on this amazing learning journey called life. Believe in your goodness. Celebrate your innate capacity to learn with joy and enthusiasm. Work to make your home and community in balance with nature. And don’t forget – have lots of fun!

Debra Thorsen
SelfDesign Mom